‘Three Little Dreams’- A picture book, but not a book at all?

threedreams (1)

Three Little Dreams by Thomas Maguire is a very unique picture book. I like unusual books myself and I was eager to get my hands on this particular title. I was not disappointed. It is a picture book without words. It is presented in a beautiful box, as shown below. It is a compact box about the same size as a small novel book. Inside the box is three beautifully crafted stories. I’m unsure whether you could call this a book or a piece of art. It is a fascinating piece nonetheless.


The stories themselves are three dreams. The stories are confusing as they have no beginning or end and each story is not a book as such. They are long fold out pages which extend about 6 feet long. The first dream is about a bird like creature(as shown below), the second dream is about a sheep like creature and the last about a flying tiger-serpent. I know this sounds like an odd book but that’s exactly what it is. It is not in the traditional book format with covers, the story neither has a beginning or an end and the story makes no sense in a way. This might be part of the whole dream concept the author is trying to create?


I loved this book first of all for aesthetic reasons, the box is an item to be cherished, the books inside are beautifully crafted on card. The illustrations are beautiful, coloured in dark, bluish hues which add to the night time dream like state the book presents. I would not recommend this book for children as it is confusing and I don’t think it would appeal to them. I would recommend this title to a person  who is into picture books or art. I feel this is a book which needs to sit on the shelf and to be explored from time to time. It would be a beautiful gift to receive as the illustrator has taken huge effort in the presentation of the whole item.

threelittledreamsint (1)

This book will be kept safe and sound upon my shelf so it can never be damaged. I didn’t enjoy the story I must say, but the illustrations are exquisite and the whole concept is so weird it adds to the unusual aspect of the book. If you struggle to buy gifts for a person who is into illustration, I’d highly recommend ordering Three Little Dreams.

9 thoughts on “‘Three Little Dreams’- A picture book, but not a book at all?

  1. I enjoy small books too, especially small print poetry chapbooks! I was going to ask if you would mind if I linked to some of your reviews from time to time? I’m interested in showcasing your reviews in my journal theblacklionjournal.wordpress.com. I’ll attribute your reviews to you so you will always have source credit. Plus, I’m not interested in stealing anything, I’m only interested in having reviews for my review section. Let me know whichever way if you would mind. Thanks!


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